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2018 BioAcademics Presents...

BioAcademics Weekend Workshops


Skill Acquisition and Performance

This workshop examines motor learning and control as it relates to skill and proficiency of movement. Participants will learn the how to challenge and improve motor skills in all aspects of human performance. From exercise execution to athletic performance and rehabilitation, this course will provide applicable information to make decisions about desired movement outcomes.    

August 25th at Precision Human Performance

Instructor: Johnny Cooke

9:30am to 5:30pm SIGN UP HERE


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Business Development: The Fitness Industry

This workshop explores various aspects of business development and growth in the fitness industry.  Participants will learn how to differentiate between the roles of a technician, manager, and entrepreneur.  Topics will include professionalism, time management, communication, building rapport, client retention, and the business development process. 

September 22th Precision Human Performance

Instructor: Michelle Amore & Ryan Kroth

8:30am to 5:30pm SIGN UP HERE


Exercise Mechanics: The Foundation of Exercise

Participants will learn to establish exercise parameters for any client, from the elite level athlete to those with systemmic inflammation or joint pathology. An exploration of fundamental concepts in physics, biomechanics, and anatomy will provide participants with the ability to develop and progress exercise skill and performance.  From seated leg extensions to squats and powerlifts, a new perspective of exercise will be gained.

October 27th at Precision Human Performance

Instructor: Michelle Amore

8:30am to 4:30pm SIGN UP HERE


Cadaver Anatomy

Participants will spend an 8-hour day in the lab exploring the mechanics of the body with dissected human cadavers. This workshop will lead participants in analyzing current techniques in mobility and strengthening. Key areas the course will look at are muscle attachment sites, muscle fiber direction, fascial attachment sites, fascial fiber direction, joint axes, common anatomical occurrences, and anomalies.

May 5th at The University of Chicago Illinois

Instructor: Michelle Amore

9:00am to 5:00pm SIGN UP HERE



Exercise & Inflammation

There is a direct relationship between exercise and inflammation. During this workshop, participants will gain a proper understanding of the molecular mechanisms involved in acute and chronic inflammatory responses and its effect on recovery and disease. Participants will also learn how to prescribe exercise strategies to attenuate these responses and avoid overtraining.

February 2019 Date TBA

Instructor: Johnny Cooke



Exercise Design and Programming

Participants will learn how to properly construct an individualized exercise program for clients by understanding and applying forces to numerous joints in the body. The lab will focus on the initial creation of a training business and then lead participants to understand the construction of an exercise program.

April 14th at Precision Human Performance

Instructor: Ryan Kroth

9:30am to 5:30pm SIGN UP HERE

Study group attendence...


Location: Precision Human Performance 2pm or via Google Meet from anywhere in the world.

July Topics

July 10th - Neuroscience 1

July 17th - Neuroscience 2

July 24th - Post ACL Repair Training

July 25th - Research Review

July 31st - Shoulder Analysis

August Topics

Aug 7th - Gait Analysis 1

Aug 14th - Shoulder Pathology and Training

Aug 21st - Gait Analysis 2

Aug 28th - Shoulder Application

Aug 29th - Research Review