PSI draws from traditional scientifically validated physical therapy techniques and innovative, emerging approaches. All of PSI clinicians maintain a passion for life-long learning and are continuing to pursue higher level certifications and teaching appointments. We specialize in complex cases. We are a boutique physical therapy practice that emphasizes one-on-one care coupled with a team approach consisting of highly specialized clinicians.

PSI offers all of the standard physical therapy “modalities” found in other practices. However, PSI also offers more than 20 additional advanced manual modalities. Very few physical therapy clinics in the Chicago area offer more than 10 advanced manual modalities and no other physical therapy facility offers all of them. Clients would have to visit multiple providers to receive this type of treatment and even if they could, they would not receive the sequencing of multiple and varied manual modalities in one session. Accurate sequencing multiple manual modalities is our best kept secret and is also where we are seeing most of our patient successes. 



Muscle Activation Techniques™ (MAT™) is a biomechanical evaluation and treatment process that identifies limited range of motion and muscle inhibition. MAT is a revolutionary approach to treating the muscular system and has been successful in restoring motion and control around joints. MAT™ addresses dysfunction at its source, reducing compensations and significantly improving functional strength capabilities.




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